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The Reason Why Aircon Not Cold

1.Dirty Air Filter

This is one of the reasons why your air conditioner is not working properly. A good air conditioning system requires a well -maintained air filter to allow cool air to flow into your room. When the air filter becomes dirty, your air conditioner cannot cool your home effectively. You must ensure that the air filter is inspected and cleaned at least once a month. A well -maintained air conditioner can function normally and cool your room.

2. Blocked condenser

Condensers are an important part of air conditioning, which can provide cool air to your room. When the condenser is clogged, your air conditioner cannot get cold air into your room. In most cases, a number of spots or clouds of dust usually block the condenser. This is why you need to clean the air conditioner condenser at least once a month. This cleaning process is very important to avoid the accumulation of debris on the condenser.

3. Frozen condenser

In some cases, if the air conditioner is not working properly, the condenser can freeze. Condenser freezing is another cause of problems with your air conditioner. Once the condenser freezes, the unit will not work properly to cool your room. It is important to perform basic maintenance procedures to prevent the condenser from freezing. A good maintenance process is required for your air conditioner to work properly.

4. Leakage of refrigerant

This is another reason why your air conditioner is no longer cold. This is one of the most common problems experienced by people living in Singapore. In most cases, people usually do not want to replace the leaking refrigerant. As a result, their air conditioners do not work properly. If you are replacing the leaking refrigerant, it will help. Replacing the refrigerant is better than repairing the refrigerant.

5. Dirty evaporator

Dirty air conditioner make bad health

The evaporator is one of the most important parts of an air conditioner. This part needs to make sure the air conditioner works properly. If the evaporator is dirty, your air conditioner may not be able to cool your room effectively. It is important to clean all parts of the air conditioning system, including the evaporator, at least once a year to remove dust or debris on all parts.

6. Broken Thermostat


This is another reason why your air conditioner is no longer cold. Some air conditioners work according to the performance of the thermostat. Without a suitable thermostat, the air conditioner may not work properly. You should regularly check the thermostat to make sure this part is working properly.

7. Incorrect size

This is another common problem in Singapore. Many people choose air conditioning systems that are too small for their large rooms. You need to choose the right unit of measurement to cool your room effectively. This is why you should measure the space first before choosing the best air conditioning unit for your room.

These are some possible reasons why your air conditioner is no longer cold. You must always check the air conditioning system. A well -maintained unit can cool your room very effectively. Be sure to clean the equipment at least once a month to keep it working properly.

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